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The last few days have been emotionally exhausting for me to say the least, and I’ve hit this point in life where I’m feeling so defeated by everything that’s going on for me at the moment. I have this mix of randomness bubbling up in my emotional molecules and it’s actually making me feel physically sick, I’m writing this blog post with a snooty nose, phlegm building up in my throat and a dose of cleanse tea brewing next to me (and the raw vegan cakes in the fridge are about to get demolished) – totally on my A-Game today!


Pushing comfort zones and trusting strangers

I’m currently doing a juice fast in Bali, and one of the biggest things for me whilst being here is the ability to get out of my comfort zone and do shit that I would be way too scared to usually do at home. So, a couple of days go I decided to take on the activity of rapid water rafting and boy was it the most amazing experience ever!